Podcast: Decades of selling Vancouver apartment buildings with Mark Goodman

Joining us on today’s episode is Mark Goodman. Introduced to the podcast by the Canadian Real Estate Forums, he is a principal of Goodman Commercial and publisher of the Goodman Report. Mark has brokered some of the biggest real estate transactions in Vancouver and is regarded as a market leader.

Coming from a family of real estate practitioners, Mark has witnessed the transformation of Vancouver’s real estate market. He explains what his company does that contributes to their success and examines some of the regulations that were implemented in Vancouver last year. Topics covered include:

  • Brokering some of the biggest transactions in Vancouver
  • Mark’s exposure to real estate starting at a young age
  • The very first phone call that Mark made as a commercial broker
  • Being results-oriented in a competitive market
  • Political challenges today reminiscent of the 1990s
  • The lack of purpose-built rental construction in Vancouver
  • Vancouver’s chronic supply and demand imbalance
  • Rent freeze and vacancy control
  • What happens if there is no value proposition to invest in rental housing

Listen to the podcast:

The podcast is also available on Commercial Real Estate Podcast and Canadian Real Estate Forums.

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