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Market insights

You’re invited: Cynthia Jagger to participate in UDI’s webinar – COVID-19: UDI updates and the impact on the real estate industry

Cynthia will be focusing on the Metro Vancouver rental apartment market.

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Market insights

Housing providers are on the verge

"These policies will cause a severe blow to our City's rental stock with many properties falling into disrepair."

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Market insights

Rent relief in the time of COVID-19

Today, the B.C. provincial government has announced its policies related to rental housing.

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Market insights

Forging on – we’re here for you

Feel free to call, email or Skype – we’re committed to staying connected

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Market insights

Want More Affordable Housing In Canada? Build More Houses

Solving Canada’s housing crisis shouldn’t require more than a single lesson in economics. When prices are high, a free market always responds and supplies more. Yet amidst Canada’s severe problems of housing affordability, this foolproof mechanism is continually...

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Metro Vancouver is a unique real-estate market and a magnet for people and money from around the world. Opportunities and sales play out differently here from anywhere else in Canada.

As long-time specialists in the Metro Vancouver area, Goodman Commercial stands out from the crowd. Proven industry leaders, we leverage our decades of experience with the local markets to help you navigate their complexities and nuances. We tailor a comprehensive and professional approach to each property.

Whether buying or selling, we put our local expertise, thorough analysis, powerful marketing and experienced negotiation to work for every client.

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