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Market insights

Scapegoating landlords – it’s all politics, folks

This week, the provincial government bowed to pressure from tenant organizations.

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Market insights

Speak up against City of Vancouver motion targeting C-2 zones

Motion would effectively downzone a number of properties, arbitrarily decreasing their value without consultation with affected landowners.

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Market insights

Goodman sets the record straight: 9 myths about Vancouver’s rental market

With all the upheavals in rental housing right now, there are many myths being bandied about. When industry spokespeople talk about the realities of creating and maintaining rental supply, they’re often accused of fear-mongering. We beg to differ—it’s time to separate fact from fiction.

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Metro Vancouver is a unique real-estate market and a magnet for people and money from around the world. Opportunities, deals and sales play out differently here than they do anywhere else in Canada.

Our brokers at Goodman Commercial can help navigate the nuances and complexities of our marketplace. We are proven industry leaders in the sale of rental apartment buildings, multi-family investments, commercial property and development sites. We have a long-term understanding of local markets and decades of experience. We provide a comprehensive and professional approach tailored to each and every property, and to each and every client. Whether buying or selling, we always come to the table with local expertise, thorough analysis, effective marketing and experienced negotiation.

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