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Market insights

Eye on supply

Suburbs buzz with new rental activity; City of Vancouver sleeps at the wheel

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Market insights

Rental housing: where Seattle thrives, Vancouver stumbles

By Andrey Pavlov, Ph.D., Goodman Report

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Market insights

5 things apartment building owners need to know … but probably don’t

If you own an apartment building, this could be the time when you sell for rental redevelopment.

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Market insights

Wake up: It’s Councilgate!

It’s not the first time this year we’ve raised the alarm, and we were hoping to head toward the holidays with a little more of a relaxed vibe, but we need your attention and help. Property rights are at stake.

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Metro Vancouver is a unique real-estate market and a magnet for people and money from around the world. Opportunities and sales play out differently here from anywhere else in Canada.

As long-time specialists in the Metro Vancouver area, Goodman Commercial stands out from the crowd. Proven industry leaders, we leverage our decades of experience with the local markets to help you navigate their complexities and nuances. We tailor a comprehensive and professional approach to each property.

Whether buying or selling, we put our local expertise, thorough analysis, powerful marketing and experienced negotiation to work for every client.

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