2020 Mid-Year Review

Over the last weeks, many of our readers have sent us questions about the rental market. So here in our 2020 Mid-Year Review, we offer you our responses and insights:

  • Multifamily outlook: Why rental is still the most steadfast asset class
  • Cap rates continuing low
  • Looking back and forward: Is today like the 2008 recession?
  • Rental vacancies: Short-term increase predicted, but overall supply shortfall remains
  • New rental construction: Expect decreases
  • Rent during COVID: Are tenants able to pay?
  • Is crime on the rise? Examples of theft and fraud


Check out some of our ideas on a fresh approach to increasing the construction of new supply and availability of housing options.

We also sound off on podcasts and webinars! Hear us discuss rental markets, affordable housing, the impact of COVID-19 on real estate and more.

And what you would expect: the sales statistics straight from Goodman Commercial – rental and development site market activity.


We’re excited to tell you about the new art we’re displaying in large format at Goodman Commercial. As strong supporters of the visual arts, we’re honoured to collect special works by internationally renowned American photographer Jeffrey Milstein.

The above image is one of two new pieces we have added to Goodman + Jagger Collection. It inspires us with its vitality and emotive power. We hope you’ll enjoy seeing them in this issue of the Goodman Report, just as we enjoy seeing them as they hang in our office.

As we enter midsummer amid the COVID-19 crisis, all of us here thank you, our readers, for sticking with us during such a challenging time. To all of you and your families, please stay safe.

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