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VANCOUVER – Goodman Commercial is excited to announce that Frontline Real Estate founder Justin Mitchell and his market-topping team of brokers, including Adam Lawrence, Megan Johal, and Sam Taktsang have joined Goodman.

Under Mitchell’s leadership, Frontline has been the leading brokerage for development land in the Fraser Valley and eastern Vancouver suburbs, transacting more than $4.2 billion of real estate over the past 16 years.

Pictured from left to right: Justin Mitchell, Megan Johal, Sam Taktsang and Adam Lawrence

As Goodman Commercial looks to enhance its offering and expand eastward, the Frontline team is a perfect complement to our well-established strength in Metro Vancouver rental apartment buildings, multi-family land and investment properties.

Similarly, the Frontline alumni have been widening their interest and influence from Surrey, Langley and the Tri-Cities to move deeper into New Westminster, Burnaby and Vancouver. So, for them as well, joining Goodman creates the ultimate strategic partnership.

The former Frontline team is a proven entity and market leader. In addition to its demonstrated capacity in selling development land, investment real estate and project marketing, they are well known for the depth and quality of market intelligence, having built the largest database of Fraser Valley land ownership. As Justin says, “We love being a source for industry knowledge.”

That information focus dovetails perfectly with Goodman’s commitment to market education and advocacy. It also will supplement an industry-leading analytical capacity that rests on our own long experience and on the strengths that broker Ian Brackett has brought to bear.

The biggest benefit from this expansion – for existing clients of both Goodman and Frontline, and for all those who will love the new services and capacity – is that both teams are building strength on strength.

Welcoming Justin, Adam, Megan and Sam allows us to double our reach and enhance our capabilities in all asset classes – all while maintaining the level of excellence our clients have come to expect. We can now grow Goodman Commercial, geographically and by asset class, and know we will continue to offer a service level at the top of the market.

If you have property that you’d like to sell, a project that needs the perfect location, or simply a question about market conditions or opportunities, please reach out.

Mark Goodman
Principal, Goodman Commercial
Publisher of the Goodman Report

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