Review of Vancouver’s Rental Incentives published

This morning, the City of Vancouver released a presentation outlining the results of their ‘check in’ on the Rental Incentive Program Review. This is an interim step and provides the background to inform decisions on how to move forward with Phase II and any potential changes to existing policies in the future.

Some highlights include:

1. Key findings from multiple policies

  • STIR
  • Rental 100
  • Affordable Housing Choices Interim Rezoning Policy
  • Existing Community Plans

2. Economic testing

  • Impact of rental tenure on C-2 zones (spoiler alert – don’t downzone!)
  • Review of DCL waivers
  • Vacancy control’s hypothetical impact on rental viability (another spoiler – it makes rental unviable).

3. A post occupancy survey – tenants living in newly constructed rental buildings have their say!

4. Perceptions gathered from the public walking around newly built rental buildings.

This document is comprehensive at 90 pages, but well worth the read.
Click here for the full report. Feel free to call us to discuss.

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