2018—what’s hot and what’s not

Goodman Report

What’s Hot

  • Our own Cynthia Jagger to moderate the rental apartment session at the Vancouver Real Estate Forum, April 4, 2019! Come hear her at 10:40 am, session A2.
  • Efforts in Vancouver to speed up development permit processing
  • Rental vacancies at 0.8% in the City of Vancouver and 1% in Vancouver CMA
  • The very thin NDP margin
  • Can you say “impeach” in Russian?
  • Goodman Report often copied, never bettered
  • Canucks: Pettersson and Boeser (at last)
  • Vancouver reviewing heavy tax load on retailers
  • Rental industry’s voice finally being heard thanks to UDI and Landlord BC
  • Gold’s time has finally arrived
  • Awaiting with trepidation Vancouver’s announcement on rental-only zoning
  • Gregor’s out!

What’s Not

  • Regressive GST remains on new rental construction – Trudeau breaks promise
  • Opioid crisis continues
  • Government ramping up subsidized housing programs and correspondingly higher taxes while discentivizing developers of market rentals
  • Anti-rental housing sentiment at Vancouver City Hall
  • Burnaby’s about-turn in Metrotown causing grief and worry amongst development community
  • Cambie bike lane anticipated in middle of bridge?
  • Hello property tax! Rental properties assessed well above market
  • Bank of Canada’s quarterly economic update shows sharp deterioration in 2019 growth outlook
  • Urgent need for American and Chinese negotiators to settle lingering trade dispute
2018 Year-End Review
Goodman Report: 2018 Year-End Review
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