2017 Year-End Review

Goodman Report

Sales activity down, dollar volume and values up

Greetings from the Goodman Report! With our 2017 year-end issue, we proudly celebrate the 35th year of publishing the Goodman Report (AKA the Goodman Manifesto).

Since 1983 when we pioneered the concept of a newsletter for apartment owners, we’ve been keeping you ahead of the curve with the latest development news, policy changes, expert commentary, statistical data and advice. Today, tens of thousands of email, online and print readers eagerly comb the Goodman Report for the industry’s latest.

Now to the news. Where it comes to rental housing, it’s not business as usual. Should we expect property devaluation and new tenants to be treated as cattle? Sweeping changes at every level of government have brought in 10-year policies to tackle the supply and affordability crisis:

  • Federal: $40-billion National Housing Strategy promising 100,000 units
  • Provincial: B.C. promising 114,000 new housing units
  • Municipal: Housing Vancouver strategy promising 72,000 new homes

In this 35th anniversary 2017 Year-End edition, we’ll bring you up to date on what these changes in policy mean for you. Pieces of the new policy pie include:

  • Rental-only zones – A spectre of devaluation?
  • Moderate Income Rental Housing Pilot Program – Will new tenants be treated as cattle?
  • Changing guidelines for Vancouver zoning
  • Potential impact on low-density neighbourhoods

And as always, the Goodman Report gives you Metro Vancouver’s big picture:

  • Latest new rental supply and construction
  • Year-over-year performance
  • Sales updates and building transactions

Stick with the Goodman Report as we navigate the changes in store!

P.S. 2017 was a banner year for Goodman—we were the number one rental apartment sales team in B.C. We successfully sold 18 properties made up of apartment buildings and development sites and totalling $350 million!

Goodman Report: 2017 Year-End Review
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