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Are you fully protected by your existing tenancy agreements?

Rod Fram, Transpacific Realty Advisors
September 6th, 2016

Are your tenancy agreements up-to-date? Do they cover new trends such as Airbnb rentals and other types of subletting? Do they allow you to transition from a smoking to a non-smoking building? Or, from a “pets-allowed” property to a “no-pets” situation?

If your tenancy agreements don’t address issues like these, it can affect your ability to make change and to control the environment in your building.

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The Importance of Maintenance

By Sylvie Mercier, P.Eng, LEED AP, principal, Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
and Glade Schoenfeld, EIT, Design Engineer, Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.

Buildings, like cars, are depreciating assets and require ongoing regular maintenance throughout their service lives. With neglect, the cost of repair compounds over time, becomes onerous, and may eventually exceed the cost to demolish and rebuild. Conversely, with care and attention, buildings can exceed their expected lives. Proactive maintenance not only mitigates known problems but can help owners identify other problems sooner through passive review.

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Hydraulic Elevator Dangers & Concerns

Dave Frislev, Eltec Elevator Ltd.
September 2005

Many owners of low- rise commercial and residential complexes have Hydraulic elevators systems servicing the building.

Eltec Elevator Ltd., a company that has been servicing elevators in the Lower Mainland for a quarter of a century is writing this letter to advise all building owners with “In ground” hydraulic elevators of possible safety concerns with regards to the in ground cylinder, and the potential for leaks.

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Apartment Owners Need To Renovate To Compete With the Booming Condo Market

Eric Schapira, Klondike Contracting
October 2003

Until recently, apartment owners were not compelled to upgrade their buildings as demand had outstripped supply and tenants still found it cheaper to rent than to own. Today, however, this is no longer the case as apartment owners are not only competing against each other, but more importantly, against market-savvy condo developers and historically low mortgage rates. Developers are offering condos with 5% down, low monthly payments, modern appliances, the opportunity to build up equity and many amenities (i.e. fitness centers, pools, views, screening rooms, guest suites & even free use of cars).

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