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Landlords in crosshairs

Neil Sharma, Canadian Real Estate Magazine
July 27, 2018

If Gregor Robertson’s legacy as Vancouver’s three-term mayor is marred by the city’s housing crisis, it won’t bother David Goodman.

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Will new rules save Metrotown rentals?

Lauren Boothby, Burnaby Now
May 4, 2018

It’s something that’s been repeated at city hall for more than 20 years: Burnaby can’t stop redevelopment because municipalities can’t create rental-only zones.

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Province confirms rental buildings to be exempt from luxury house tax

By Frank O’Brien, Business in Vancouver
February 28, 2018

The B.C. Finance Ministry has clarified a section of the February 20 provincial budget that levied a special school tax on luxury homes valued at $3 million or more, based on BC Assessment.

The ministry has confirmed that the tax will not apply to residential apartment buildings, which it defines as properties with four or more rental units.

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