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Scapegoating landlords – it’s all politics, folks

Goodman Report
September 28, 2018

This week, the provincial government bowed to pressure from tenant organizations. Without any economic or impact study, the government announced formally its intention to roll back the previously mandated rent increases of CPI plus 2% (equating to 4.5% for 2019) to CPI only. This politically expedient, rushed announcement comes in ahead of the BC Rental Task Force Recommendations Report scheduled for November, whose contents we await with some trepidation.

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Multi-family sales dip amidst government intervention

Tanya Commisso, Western Investor
October 24, 2017

A new report shows a 23 per cent decrease in Metro Vancouver apartment sales and cautions that municipal intervention may hinder the proposed new supply

Multi-family sales have slowed by a third year-over-year, possibly signaling a shift in investor sentiment, according to a new report by HQ Commercial’s the Goodman team.

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Vancouver’s rental mini-boom could be snuffed out

Kerry Gold, The Globe and Mail
September 8, 2017

“Vancouver is now in catch-up mode.”

It’s a slow-motion catch up, cautions commercial realtor David Goodman, author of the 35-year-old Goodman Report newsletter.

Mr. Goodman specializes in the marketing of rental apartment buildings and condo development sites, and he makes a point of tracking new rental building numbers. While there’s been momentum over the past five years, with the exception of New Westminster, the region has a long way to go, he says.

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Co-op conversions

Peter Mitham, Business In Vancouver
Aug. 1, 2017, midnight

Winding down strata properties might be a new phenomenon, but spare a thought for co-operative housing arrangements.

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